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Discover Brussels
from the food perspective.

TUBE is your go-to food magazine in Brussels.

We showcase the best dining experiences, artisanal creations, and food concepts providing you with an insider's view of the city's culinary landscape.

TUBE is like your personal food scout, leading you through Brussels' deliciously hidden secrets, with an emphasis on the quality and passion that underpin each project.

Our latest Discoveries

Tube as a Box

As part of our efforts to highlight Brussels' food scene, we've created the Brussels Discovery Box.

This gourmet collection, crafted in collaboration with 28 of Brussels' most esteemed artisans, offers more than just a selection of fine foods. Each box is an experience in itself, accompanied by a newspaper, a map of Brussels and insightful information about the artisans involved.

This makes it the perfect gift for any occasion, person, or reason.

Tube Discovery Boxes

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